Pedro Pinzolas, co founder of Documentatv with J. Carlos Lebraz, a well known producer and director, is the responsible for overseeing all the products. Master in Journalism and Mass Communication, he studied in Madrid and London, was professor of the University of Madrid. He graduated in production from the Official Institute of RTVE, Madrid. Adviser of audiovisuals in the Government Society to Commemorate the V Centenary and director of Revista Internacional, he worked for some years in communications companies. Pedro was curator in the electronics arts festivals, Art Futura and Mediarama, both held in Seville. With great experience in the audiovisual sector, he has produced an directed tv series, documentaries, publicity and films. Pedro has attended many films and documentaries festivals: San Sebastián Film Festival, Málaga Film Festival, Valladolid Film Festival, New York Spanish Film Festival, Sao Paulo Film Festival, Chicago Latino Film Festival, Miami Latino Film Festival, Lisboa Iberoamerican Film Festival... He lives between Madrid, Seville and Granada.


Juan Carlos Lebraz, Master in Journalism and Mass Communication has worked for more than 20 years in the Spanish public television, RTVE, and, as director of the program Documents, has been involved in the production of  more than 300 documentary films. He has been awarded the International Press Club Prix, Spain, the Andalusian Journalism Prix, the 28th February Andalusian Parliament Prix, and the 2009 Defence Prix, of the Ministry of  Defence.


Greta Malmcrona is the creative director, supervising all visual development. Born in Sweden, Greta studied architecture, design and painting in Goteborg (Sweden) and Madrid, and is also a renowned artist.


Santiago Esteban, Master in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a great experience as a creative and producer in tv and publicity, is the director of production.


Miguel Perez Olmo joined Documentatv in 2011. Producer, director, camera, editor, he knows all the key aspects of any audiovisual product. He has directed and produced numerous short pieces and documentaries for national and international broadcasters like Al Jazeera. It is also an excellent photographer.


Some of our clients: Ministry of Work and Immigration, Telefonica, RTVE, Canal Sur TV, Canal 2 Andalucía, International Exhibitions State Agency, Endesa,  Andalusian Women Institute, Adidas, Ministry of Industry,  Andalusian Government, The Palm Tree Media, Adidas, Malaga City Hall, Cordoba City Hall, Ingenia QED , Government of Panama, Government of Portugal...



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